An Unexpected Visitor Loses His Life

imagesI was sitting at my desk in the office of our home working on my computer when I felt some tingling on the skin of my right leg. A few seconds later the “tingling” became more pronounced and moved to the side of my right calf. Not thinking much of it, I reached down to scratch that area of my leg. Just then I realized there was something there, something foreign, something warm, something alive. I grabbed the outside of my jeans while at the same time grabbing what was clinging to my leg. It squirmed. It was soft. I squeezed tighter. It squirmed some more in an impossible effort to get away. I squeezed even ti-i-i-ighter. It gave up and became still. I then stood, stomped my right leg on the floor and “it” dropped to the carpet, laying there lifeless.images-2

We had known there was a mouse in the house. He continually left evidence of his existence. Up to this point he had wisely avoided traps, but this time he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know some of you are saying to yourself, “That’s just gross.” True as that thought may be, I was happy to finally put an end to his antics of nibbling on bags of snack foods. Here’s the point. Have we ever found ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time? I have and normally my gut lets me know something is not right. If we continue in that place of compromise, we just might experience the hand of God redirecting us because He wants to provide a way of escape. Remember, with each and every compromise, we give the enemy of our souls an opportunity to squeeze more spirit life out of us.

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Ten Great Reasons to Wait Until Marriage for Sexual Intimacy

images-10There is this break up of a certain celebrity couple that has recently made the news. It seems that it was over his refusal to have sexual intimacy with her. This is newsworthy today because the media is pointing out his “dysfunction” and not hers. Interesting. Just what will waiting to have sex do for you as a single? Here are a few benefits:images-9


  1. You will be obeying God and His word and will have His blessing.
  2. You will build a much deeper level of trust with one another.
  3. You will affirm the worth of one another.
  4. You are actually caring more about this person than your own desires and needs.
  5. You will be an example to your peers and one day to your children.
  6. You will be protected from sexual shame and rejection (not to mention sexually transmitted diseases).
  7. You will totally avoid an unplanned pregnancy.
  8. You will not be confused in your emotions as love and respect grows without guilt in waiting.
  9. You will build character, patience and self-control.
  10. You will have a greater level of trust (sexual and beyond) for each other once you are married.images-11
(Called Together, 2009, Steve and Mary Prokopchak, Destiny Image Publishers)
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When a Politician Cries

images-3Mid speech the politician talking sheds a tear while the camera zooms in for a closer look on this tender moment. The crowd in the room and the viewer around the world quiets themselves and pauses to observe this deeply felt emotional discourse. Surely tears mean “truth-filled” words are coming from his or her lips and they overwhelm this elected government official. The need or desire must be so great that from deep within their spirit is a groaning to be heard and understood. But is it real or is it an act? I suppose that only the politician and God really know the answer to that question. But, the following are a few ills of this world that I pray politicians will one day weep about in order to provoke change:


  • The thousands of babies who are dismembered, murdered, slaughtered every single day.
  • Those homeless persons and families who went to sleep last night hungry and with no hope for change today or tomorrow.
  • Those who have simply given up on ever finding sufficient employment.
  • The impoverished, abused or abandoned child who cries himself to sleep on the floor every night.
  • The children who will never experience the love, affirmation and approval of a loving and godly mother and  father to raise them.
  • The elderly who are unable to retire from working because they simply cannot afford to.
  • Those who are victims of human trafficking.
  • Christians who are persecuted for their faith, imprisoned, tortured or beheaded.
  • Decimated, severed and fractured families from divorce costing our culture insurmountable losses and pain. images-7

images-5Jesus loves these persons. He weeps over the sinful choices of mankind. He gave His life a ransom to redeem every one of these life circumstances and He empowers us to not just weep with Him, but to pray and to ask Him what part we play in changing these real life conditions.  Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end.  (Isaiah 9:6,7)

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Neglecting the Things that Matter

images-2What might happen if you neglect the important things in life? What if you neglected the maintenance on your car? It just might leave you sitting somewhere unplanned. What if you neglected your health? Eventually, your body begins to break down if the mistreatment is severe enough. Or, what happens if you move into your new home and never repair or update a thing? The neglect will eventually cost you in the devaluation of your property or even costlier repairs. If you neglect your job, you will literally be working toward termination. Neglect your family and relationship issues will grow.images-3

Why then do we feel it’s sometimes ok to neglect our spiritual lives? Could a very similar breakdown occur? When we neglect reading the Bible, our prayer life, sharing the love of God with others, giving of our resources and finances, fellowship with other believers or the spiritual gifts the Holy Spirit has deposited within each of us, eventually that disregard or inattention can create a permanent or severe atrophy spiritually. No wonder Jesus warned the Pharisees and us that giving a tenth was good but not to “neglect” the love of God and justice. The Psalmist declared, “I will not neglect your word” and Paul told Timothy to not neglect the gifts given to him. Neglect can be a spiritual disease that each of us battle.