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I was planning on following up on what I wrote about last week, “distance.”  I am going to suspend that for a week and share something that I feel God gave me as we have been experiencing major flooding in our region of Pennsylvania. 

A tropical storm called, Lee, brought us generous portions of water in a very short period time, 15.5 inches in my hometown area.   I have never seen anything like it.  Since the ground was previously saturated through earlier storms, the water just collected in every low-lying area until it began to flow and flow it did.  We lost hundreds of bridges and roads.  Basements were overwhelmed with water flowing in them while sump pumps simply could not keep up.  But, God is faithful and He gave me something from His word Thursday morning the 8th of September.  John 7:38 states, “Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within Him.” 

He gave me this amazing picture of being saturated in Him, so full that my spirit (my container) would overflow onto everyone else that I would touch.  Streams of living water, not destructive water, would flow to bring life, healing, a word of encouragement and love.  As His stream flows into me, I cannot contain it all for myself.  

You and I are to be saturated with Him so that His Spirit spills over and blesses others.  Let it flow Lord Jesus!


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