Encouragement, Leadership

You Are the Man

Have you ever been told…”You’re the man?”  I’ve even said that to women on occasion (with love and admiration of course).  King David had sinned and God sent a prophet to him named Nathan.  Nathan shares a story with David recorded in II Samuel 12 which is in reality a word picture of the sin that David had committed with Bathsheba and her husband, Uriah.  As the story goes, David “burned with anger” against the man Nathan was referencing in his story and even concluded that this man who did such awful things deserves to die.

And then Nathan looks squarely at the King, eye to eye and nose to nose, without hesitation or weakness in his voice and says, “You are the man!”  “David, you’re the sheep stealer, the murderer.”  Can you imagine the scene as David gets flush from the neck up, his heart pumps wildly and his ears turn red-hot with embarrassment? Nathan also gave this word from the Lord, “You did it in secret, but I will do this thing in broad daylight before all Israel.”  Caught and nailed to the wall with front page newspaper coverage, King David.

When we get caught up into thinking that we’re the man, we are setting ourselves up for a fall.  If there are secret, sinful things in your life, listen to the Holy Spirit and deal with them today.  Expose them to the light and seek help and accountability before your sin is exposed by a loving Father and you find yourself facing your own “Nathan.”


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