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Marriage: A Lifetime Affair

In a matter of days, Mary and I will celebrate 38 years of “holy matrimony.”  Who knew after saying “I do” 38 years ago, today we would be saying, “I still do?”  Who knew we would have three children all through college with two of them happily married?  Who knew that “old love” would be better in so many ways over “young love” and that holding hands (with a growing number of age spots surfacing), kissing and saying “I love you” would still be so delightful?  Who knew that we would frequently enjoy lighter moments and laugh together so much (and that Mary would still laugh at my jokes)?  Who knew that we would write a book together and be working on a second?   Who knew that people would actually read the books?  Who knew that a marriage relationship could progress to such oneness, maintain a deep and growing respect and honor and could still generate the “I missed you” feelings when one of us is away?  Who knew that speaking to God together could generate an intimacy greater than any other life experience?  Who knew that so much of our life mission could possibly be realized in just 38 brief years?  And, who knows how much longer we have the privilege of loving God and loving one another on this earth?

    Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…  Jeremiah 1:5


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