Children, Encouragement, Marriage

Giving Your Spouse Time for Transition

I can clearly remember returning home from a long day at the office and stepping into the kitchen of our apartment.  Supper was on the stove providing a pleasant aroma and a baby on my wife’s hip.  Two young boys were running around somewhere and Mary had a lot to catch me up on.  I barely got to put my briefcase down when I was handed our daughter in order for the table to be set.  Meanwhile, the boys found me and wanted dad’s attention immediately.  I loved it, but at the same time knew I needed a period of transition.

First, during my commute home I had to learn to take my work hat off and literally pray to put my husband, father and home hat on: transition number one.  Once I arrived home, facing a family that needed me immediately wasn’t always the easiest.  Could I at least change my cloths and while in the bedroom alone take a couple of moments to prepare myself to listen to my wife, care for my daughter and play with my sons?  This would be transition number two.  Help one another transition from work to home and family by giving one another a little transition time.  It’s simple, but necessary and will make for a better evening.


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