Children, Encouragement, Marriage

God’s Creative Power in Marriage

The book of Genesis reveals God’s creative acts.  He placed a seed within every living thing in order for it to regenerate and multiply upon the earth.  He created mankind and told them to, “Be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it.”  By placing a seed within us, He handed creation over to us.  We enter into creation with Him by producing offspring.  It’s miraculous, it’s life changing and it’s a gift.  I was able to be a part of each of my children’s birth.  I cried at all three of them, marveling in the very act of life.  It never left me wondering if there was a God; it literally proved otherwise for me.

I am now a grandparent…the seed remains and tiny Roman Philip Prokopchak has changed our family.  We all agree that he is an amazing gift, every breath, every smile and every new discovery is a wonder to behold.  I am in awe at the father heart of my son.  This weight lifting, body building 30-something has been smitten by the love of God delivered in a tiny 8.5 pound package.  My son found his “suitable helper” and together they have seen the favor and blessing of their Savior through marital oneness and creation continues.


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