Marriage, Postmarital

I Slept but my Heart was Awake

This phrase grabbed me as I was reading the amazing book titled Song Of Songs, “I slept but my heart was awake.”  (If you’re unfamiliar with this book, you’ll find it in the middle of your Bible.)  Beautiful thought isn’t it?  Our God, the God of marriage, of relationship between a man and a woman, the Creator of sexuality wrote this.  This awesome book reads like a sensual novel; a love story like no other.  Its purity and its prose are unashamedly open and passionate about two lovers.  Can you feel the anticipation in this verse – physically asleep, but emotionally awake?  Solomon then writes, “Listen! My lover is knocking…” Ah, the answer to the much-anticipated arrival.

Some time ago, I was returning from an extended international trip away from my wife who was now picking me up at the airport.  I jumped in the car as she retrieved me from the curb and we were like two giddy kids trying to catch up for lost time together.  Mary was so excited that she drove right through a stop sign and then stopped at a green light.  We just laughed at ourselves and enjoyed the moment.  Every night while gone from our bed we were thinking about and anticipating the return, our hearts were awake…waiting…listening…watching for the long-awaited “knock.”  Is your heart “awake” toward your lover?


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