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Living Life as a Single is a Godly Option

Throughout the Old Testament there was no option of living single.  I’ve been told that there was not even a Hebrew word for bachelor.  During this time, young Israelites married early and had children.  It is what was expected.  Perhaps most who married were actually teenagers when they spoke their vows entering into the covenant of marriage.  But, the New Testament provides another option.

One day Jesus was being questioned about divorce and where He stood on Moses allowing divorce.  Jesus replies that divorce was not God’s idea (it was not this way from the beginning), but man’s idea, out of the hardness of his heart.  He goes on to say something extremely radical for those who lived under the law.  Jesus actually provided an alternative to marriage, something that did not exist in Israel.  He said that some would renounce marriage because of the kingdom of heaven (Mt. 19:11,12).  In other words, Jesus allowed singleness for the sake of the gospel of the kingdom.  The Pharisees must have been scratching their heads over that statement.

If you’re still single, you are not a half a person.  You are a whole person dedicated to kingdom building without the distraction of marriage and a family.  Go for it, be mobile, be committed, and be passionate and radical for your King.  If you desire to be married, you desire a good thing, but stay in the game of living for Jesus 24/7 and watch what He does for you.  He is the best matchmaker and He knows far more about you, what you desire and what you need than eHarmony.


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