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Don’t Believe Half of What You Think

Several weeks ago I was in the state of Oregon and I saw a bumper sticker, which read, “Don’t believe half of what you think.”  I am unclear as to what the driver meant by this sticker, but I was certainly hoping that he was thinking clearly and believing that safe driving is the only option.   I really liked what this particular bumper sticker had to say.  There seems to be some truth to it.  Romans 12: 2 actually tells us to be transformed by a mind that is being renewed.  That word, “renew” in the Greek is, Anakainoisis.  It means to adjust the moral and spiritual vision and thinking toward the mind of God, which is actually designed to have a transforming effect upon one’s life.

There is this old nature in us that seems to be at war with our new nature.  Our old nature likes to get its own way through anger, rage, selfishness, manipulation, impurity, etc.  In actuality we are to starve this nature to death and not feed it…put it off as Colossians three tells us.  I have discovered that it is God’s nature to give us something new (better) instead.  For example, if my grandson picks up a sharp object I will remove and replace it with something that is not dangerous to him.  Salvation is regeneration, all things becoming new.  The process is growing in truth as Christ’s Spirit in our spirit teaches our mind a new reality.  A battle that can be won.  In the movie, First Knight, Lancelot said something about battle that applies to this fight.

  1. Anticipate your enemy’s move – be thinking ahead of him.
  2. In every battle there is a turning point – wait and watch for it.
  3. Don’t be concerned about dying – it’s what we’re called to.

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