Encouragement, Prayer

Jesus is the Best at Everything

This past summer I was talking to a friend in New Zealand and he had an apartment to sell in Auckland.  Another friend was telling me of an upside down house investment he had and needed to sell the home as soon as possible.  While in Barbados this year, a businessman told me he had to sell a 37-foot fishing boat.  Someone else had shared with me about a legal issue they were in the middle of.   Still another told me about a need to purchase a home.  One young man was sharing about his need and desire for a wife and ministry partner.  As well, a young married woman was sharing with me about her need for marriage counseling.

My answer was similar in each and every situation.  Jesus is the best banker, the best real estate agent, the best salesperson, an amazing lawyer, a matchmaker since Genesis two and one of His names is The Counselor.  Christian Mingle or Match.com cannot possibly do what Jesus does in finding a life mate even though one in five singles are now finding relationships on-line.  His bank will never run dry of funds.  He owns the cattle on a thousands hills.   And, speaking of real estate, He owns it all!  His law degree is not from Harvard, but He created law and government.  Jesus is not only the Christ child, the Son of Man and Savior, He IS the answer.  Check out James chapter four, verse two.


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