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Fear, Something we all have in Common II

imagesFear has a way of distorting reality. Have you ever been to a scary movie? It’s not real – you know it’s not real, but your heart is beating faster, your palms are sweaty, your body is becoming tenser and your tongue is getting thicker. The emotional reaction of fear has literally changed your heart rate and physiological make-up. Remember those scary nightmares as a child or the “monsters” under your bed? Never once were they real, but your body sure was fooled. How so? Your mind, the voices from your past, coupled with your beliefs created a non-reality and then made a reality simply by self- generated thought. Fear is a reaction to a thought and, quite honestly, that thought does not have to be true.

Most fear is actually created by what we tell ourselves concerning a past incident or the future. If we tell ourselves that public speaking is fearful, it will be. Don’t get me wrong; fear is not always a bad emotional reaction because sometimes it’s based on truth. If someone robs you at gunpoint, fear will be a part of what you deal with along with perhaps some post stress disorder. That fear is based on a reality and meant to protect us. But fear can take on a life of its own. It can be something that we accept as normal to our life when in fact it is inhibiting us from growth. We can walk in fear of the future, fear of the loss of employment or fear of failure. What fears can you identify in your life and how have you attempted to deal with them?


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