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Dating Your Children

Yes, you read that title correctly. Taking your children out on a date is extremely special for the two of you. It communicates so many positive messages to them. Those messages can include revealing your heart for your child and that one on one time with them is a priority to you, as well as, the fact that you desire to hear their heart. I loved those times and would often ask my children how I am doing as a dad and as a husband, am I home enough or at work too much? I would ask them about school and about their relationships. I loved the question, “What’s the best thing about life right now for you?” And of course, I would ask about the most challenging things in life too. While they would respond differently according to their personality, they were assured of my love and approval of them keeping communication channels open and honest.

imagesI can still remember my first date with my daughter. We went to a local restaurant for breakfast.  She was a bit young and found it difficult to sit in one place on the huge, vinyl, blue booth seat. She kept dropping her silverware on the floor and was under the table as much as she was on her seat. But, I forged ahead and asked her those daddy and husband questions. Her answer? “Daddy, these questions are stupid.” Right, note to self, be age appropriate. An unexpected and unplanned side benefit was that dating my children helped them to understand why I would desire to take their mother on dates. They understood.

Take a moment to watch this video and catch a vision for dating your children.


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