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Growing in Values and Vision as a Couple

images-15Mary and I were in our first year of marriage and I don’t think either of us had a huge burden for un-churched or underprivileged children. Our pastor asked if we would like to start a bus ministry and once he defined it for us and we received training in it, we were sold as to its value. Reaching a child had the potential of changing a life forever and touching a family.

After filling several buses with some pretty wild city kids we fell in love with the whole ministry. Their needs were huge but they were being touched through a pretty amazing children’s program coupled with our love through weekly Saturday visits to them and their family before picking them up Sunday AM. It didn’t take long until we figured out how valuable children are to our heavenly Father, and from the vision of another, our hearts were hooked. We went on to do eight years of missionary work with adjudicated delinquent teenage males and then several years of social work in foster care. As our heart grew we found ourselves developing a deep value for reaching children, teens and their families.images-13

How about you, have you discovered your heart being enlarged by the Lord for some form of ministry only to have it become a deep value for you as a couple? If not, ask Him to show you His co-vision for the two of you.


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