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10 Words of Wisdom Young Married Couples Desire to Pass on to You

images-17My wife and I enjoy an annual retreat weekend with several young couples. One of the questions we ask is, “What wisdom would you desire to pass on to other young married couples?” Earlier this year, I recorded what they had to say in reply to that question and thought their responses were worth passing on. In their words:

1. Apologize quickly and do not withhold forgiveness.

2. Do not avoid conflict or confrontation, as doing so will develop bad habits.

3. Have less “outside” responsibilities and nights away from one another.

4. Assume the best about your spouse rather than assuming ulterior motives.

5. Involvement in a local church does not necessarily guarantee spiritual closeness. In other words, doing church things does not replace your spiritual lives as individuals and as a couple.

6. You married a human with a fallen sin nature. No one is perfect, especially you.

7. Pray with and for one another more. Praying your heart out to God on the behalf of one another keeps you from being so self-centered.images-22

8. When you are angry, watch your tongue.

9. Establish good relationships with parents on both sides. To make an effort shows respect for your spouse.

10. Sex does not make up for (fill in the blank). The issue will still be there after intimacy. Deal with it.

There you have it, current wisdom from 2015. Take it and pass it on.



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