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When a Politician Cries

images-3Mid speech the politician talking sheds a tear while the camera zooms in for a closer look on this tender moment. The crowd in the room and the viewer around the world quiets themselves and pauses to observe this deeply felt emotional discourse. Surely tears mean “truth-filled” words are coming from his or her lips and they overwhelm this elected government official. The need or desire must be so great that from deep within their spirit is a groaning to be heard and understood. But is it real or is it an act? I suppose that only the politician and God really know the answer to that question. But, the following are a few ills of this world that I pray politicians will one day weep about in order to provoke change:


  • The thousands of babies who are dismembered, murdered, slaughtered every single day.
  • Those homeless persons and families who went to sleep last night hungry and with no hope for change today or tomorrow.
  • Those who have simply given up on ever finding sufficient employment.
  • The impoverished, abused or abandoned child who cries himself to sleep on the floor every night.
  • The children who will never experience the love, affirmation and approval of a loving and godly mother and  father to raise them.
  • The elderly who are unable to retire from working because they simply cannot afford to.
  • Those who are victims of human trafficking.
  • Christians who are persecuted for their faith, imprisoned, tortured or beheaded.
  • Decimated, severed and fractured families from divorce costing our culture insurmountable losses and pain. images-7

images-5Jesus loves these persons. He weeps over the sinful choices of mankind. He gave His life a ransom to redeem every one of these life circumstances and He empowers us to not just weep with Him, but to pray and to ask Him what part we play in changing these real life conditions.  Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end.  (Isaiah 9:6,7)


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