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Should We Pray About All Things?

Recently in a conversation with a millennial that believes God put life into existence and then removed Himself from personal interaction in order for man to make his own way, I shared with him (in part) the following reply. 

images-2And…I…also…wonder why the holocaust of mother’s choosing to kill their babies in gruesome and painful measures with the governments help, push and provision of providers still takes place on a daily basis (in our enlightened and educated society) in greater numbers of deaths than all the wars America has ever been involved in (all the while this is now somehow viewed as normal).  And… why many people who cry out to God only when they are in danger and could care less in normal, everyday life (spending most of their day cursing God and denying His existence) of a personal relationship with Him or the life they could have in serving Him.  It could look like God has removed Himself.

But unlike you, I do want to rejoice with those who experience His provision and life on a daily basis and, as well, weep with those who do not receive the answers they were hoping for or suffer great, inexplicable harm.  For me, it is mostly about living life in a Genesis three world (‘fallen’ by our choice – where fallen, evil people do evil things and the innocent are affected – like abortion, wars, refugees, terrorism, random shootings and the like) and not the Genesis one and two world that our Father created and planned for us.  But thanks be to God for a second Adam -Jesus – and His redemptive plan!  (I Corinthians 15:45)

I fully trust Him to not only hear my prayers, but to answer them as well even if it is not the answer I was looking for, because I love Him more than life itself.  The fact remains, He loved me first (and every other human on the earth) even while I was still a sinner (Romans 5:8).  And, I too (out of this relationship) pray some selfish prayers at times…just like I do selfish acts in life and fall short.

So, when I am serving Him in Haiti or walking in the largest slum in the world in Nairobi, Kenya and/or the homeless in Philly I, too, see the inequity of it all.  I am not blind to it and neither do I somehow live above it…”by faith.”  If my theology told me that this can’t be so, then I am looking to my theology (which has a better chance of being wrong than right) to be God; to bring God down to my human thinking and standard, and frankly my theology, along with my psychology, will never, ever save anyone from anything, only Jesus can do that (I Timothy 1:15).

I know no more than this…at this point in my brief life.


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