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Christmas, It’s More Than a “Holiday”

How frequently are we greeted with the words, “Happy Holiday.”  But isn’t it much more than just a holiday?


It’s more than a date – December 25th.


It’s more than an elf on a shelf.


It’s more than a celebratory meal.


It’s more than stockings hung neatly in a row.


It’s more than gifts and more gifts.


It’s more than a tree.


It’s more than an emotional uplift.


It’s more than a story.


It’s more than carol singing.


It’s more than an allegory.


It’s more than time off work.


It’s more than cookies galore.


It’s more than bright lights.


It’s more than a star.


It’s more than becoming uptight.


And, it’ so much more than Saint Nicholas.


It’s Christ-mas!

Have a very blessed Christmas season and may Jesus, God incarnate, be your reason to rejoice!


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