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Generosity During This World Crisis

If there is one thing we know about Christianity, it’s that it is a faith of generosity. Generosity is one of the themes found throughout the scriptures. In fact, the more we give, the more blessed we become – Give and it shall be given unto you

Perhaps one of the main thoughts concerning giving is when we give, we are not thinking of ourselves. We are putting others ahead of ourselves, another biblical theme. To not be selfish in anything is understandably a positive trait to follow.

Which leads me to a question for my USA friends: what are you going to do with your stimulus check from the U.S. government if you receive one? If you are off work and you are in need of it, then be thankful for this unexpected windfall. But for many who have not experienced an income decrease or shortage, there is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to give.

Is there someone you know who needs rent money or mortgage money this month or next? Can you purchase groceries for someone? If you do not know someone in need then please consider your local food bank.  The food banks are in desperate need of donations right now. You can also check with your local rescue mission or homeless shelter concerning their needed items. All of these places are experiencing high volumes of people using their services.

Restaurants are struggling during this time.  Patronize them for takeout meals.  You can purchase gift cards from them for the future or to give to others in need now as well. Do what you can to help keep your local small businesses in business. If you can provide work for someone who is in need, like odd jobs or a painting project, now might be the appropriate time.

Here’s another idea. If you are near a local hospital or medical facility that has a heavier load than normal with patient care, consider sending them bagels, donuts or pizza.

Lastly, grocery and department stores are struggling right now to keep help on the job and to keep them safe. Be sure to extend your heart-felt thanks to these persons working for you and for doing their best to restock the shelves.

Proverbs tells us that when we refresh others, we ourself will be refreshed. Let’s continue to be the generous people that God has called us to be.


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