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A Blog About This Blog

I realize the title of this blog is lame, but hey, I just want to announce SOME REALLY GREAT NEWS! This blog, as you know it, is going to go through some major transformation for the good. You will be seeing a new face and a new name. The plan is to rebuild and begin this major update in the month of June.

Presently there are 495 blogs at The subject matter of these blogs covers marriage, relationships, “in the news,” issues of the day, encouragement, children, parenting and much more. It is meant to be encouraging, helpful, provoking personal growth and uplifting to each and every reader. Those existing blogs will remain on the site for your reference and inspiration.

So, stay tuned and keep a watchful eye out for the soon coming changes. And if you have a subject that you would like to see addressed, drop me a line. Be sure to comment on the blog so I can hear what you’re thinking and I am happy for you to forward any blog to your friends.

Many of you have signed up to receive the blog through your email inbox and some of you are reading it on Facebook or other social media formats. I would encourage those of you in the former category to sign up to receive it in your email for two reasons. The first is that I am considering sending it out early to those persons and secondly, you won’t miss any. You can sign up here.

Thank you for being a faithful reader and I look forward to serving each of you in this way for years into the future.  Steve




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