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How One Amazing Couple Found Their Mission

Auston and Ashton Samuelson lived in California in a city where there was a high concentration of homeless persons. God gripped their hearts in a distinctive way. They felt convicted to do something and began to work with their local Union Rescue Mission. 

The thought first came to Austin when he voiced to Ashton, “What if there was a restaurant that donated a meal for every meal purchased?” They concluded that someone should do just that.

Two years later, the Samuelsons began Tacos 4 Life, a restaurant that provides a meal to families in need for every taco purchased. Tacos 4 Life are now located in Arkansas, Texas and North Carolina with multiple locations. They have supplied more than 13.8 million meals for needy children and families. 

This is just one story of one couple finding their co-mission in marriage, something they were both passionate about, felt called to by God and then walked it out in a practical way. If you are married, what is your marriage mission? Every married couple needs to know why they are married. It’s a simple question, but sometimes a missing ingredient in marriage. 

Your marriage mission is the glue of why you are called together. Maybe it’s a business or a small group that you lead together. Maybe it’s serving at your local shelter or maybe it’s praying for your neighbors and inviting them to your home for hospitality. There can be multiple missions found within your marriage call. Those missions speak to purpose and answer the “why” of your commitment together.

You can start by writing down everything that you do, everything that you prioritize in your lives. Then include what would you like to do, what you dream about doing together. Write that down. Take those things and begin to create a marriage mission statement/paragraph for yourselves. You’ll be glad you did.

One couple we know placed their marriage mission statement on the mantle of their fireplace for all to see. It’s a daily reminder of why they are married–for them, for their children and for anyone who enters their home..


One thought on “How One Amazing Couple Found Their Mission

  1. Thanks be to God who caused each of you get the right partner as a coworker.
    I now believe that those whom God has called with a purpose, they will fulfill their togetherness mission.
    In 1977, I found a partner Ruth whom I gave her time to study my life while I did the same and if one was not satisfied with the other, then we part without any problem.
    In 1980, 23rd February, we wedded. This was my first employment station in Kijito Windmills Engeering company, in Thika, Central Region of Kenya after my graduation in 1979.We were feeling the call to serve the vulnerable children whose parents were HIV infected and nobody visited them. I worked as a tutor in one of National Technical Instutuyion. Then in 1997, dropped from working and agreed with my partner; she went to do home based care to the ailing HlV/AIDS as she learned as community health worker and I took the part of seeing how affected children who were open to abuse, to see them pursue education.
    Today though their parents died some years back, they finished their learning. 3 girls wedded, two finished Universities, three are in Universities, 19 have been in High schools, the rest are in primary. We have had 67 children and youths under our care JOHABETO ( Joining Hands for a Better Tomorrow) Orphanage (home).
    I Prokopchak, I have met you in person In Nairobi Kenya and I am happy and moved by what God has touched you to do for the suffering people.
    In all these God has remained faithful in seeing to it that the purpose to why we ( your family, mine and others out there, do what we are doing). You have encouraged us, and believe others too.
    Be blessed.


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