Tying the Knot Tighter; 10 Ways to Grow Your Marriage

We’re all looking for ways to stay married. Whenever you hear of a marriage that has lasted 50 years or more, the question that follows is always, “How did you do it?” I listen very closely when I hear about one of those special marriages. 

I heard someone recently say, “Tie the marriage knot so tight it can’t be untied.” That’s wisdom when it comes to two persons staying together.

So, what are some of those practical, insightful words of wisdom to tie the knot tighter and to grow your marriage to become closer, intimate and stay very much alive? 

  1. Serve God together. Make Him first in your lives and in your marriage. Pray together as it leads to a greater level of intimacy.
  2. Discover your marriage mission­–the “why” of your marriage.
  3. Serve one another. Discover what blesses your life mate and serve them in that area.
  4. Find commonality in things to do together. Find fun things that make you laugh together. Maintain a bi-monthly or monthly date night.
  5. Be challenged in your marriage. Read a marriage growth book together. Go to a seminar on marriage. Attend a sweetheart banquet.
  6. Discover what nourishes your spouse, what their love language is, and pursue those things.
  7. Be committed to a local church family where you can serve together and where you can grow and learn together with accountability for your marriage relationship.
  8. Maintain your sexual intimacy. Never allow it to be stolen from you. Fight for it.
  9. Take time to listen to each other and then reflect upon what you heard so you can also hear each other’s heart.
  10. Evaluate your relationship. Ask yourselves where you can grow and how are you doing spiritually, physically, financially and emotionally.

Marriage does not grow on its own. Anything not exercised suffers from atrophy. You are responsible to take the steps and then you will realize your marriage knot growing tighter.


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