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Finding a Life Mate: The Character Traits Worth Looking For #10

This is the tenth in a series of what traits to look for in a life mate.  While the following sets a high standard, one that perhaps few will initially reach, each area identified is an important character trait to look for and inquire about as you consider a lifelong marriage partner.

10. From whom does this person seek wisdom and wise counsel?  The last two posts were about accountability.  This post is about the practice of that accountability through seeking wise counsel.  Is he/she willing to admit to not knowing all the answers and to seek others who may have wise counsel?  Before making important decision, does this person seek input from trusted mentors?  (James 1:5; Proverbs 12:15)  Proverbs 12:15 says that our “way” seems right to us, …”but a wise man listens to advice.”  According to this Proverb, one would first need to humble themselves and seek advice and then be a ready listener.

It is not politically correct today to give or to seek godly advice.  One is to discover “truth” on their own for themselves.  To me, this really feels like one of the highest forms of pride as it is so self-seeking rather than God-seeking.  Have you noticed in this person a willingness to humble themselves and seek advice from the right sources?  It is one thing to ask our friends who will tell us what we desire to hear, but it is another to allow iron to sharpen iron and listen to the wise counsel of an elder, a pastoral counselor or a parent.  Arrogance is not a godly trait.  James tells us to ask God when we lack wisdom and God will provide the answers through His word or His messenger.

I remember as a young man seeking the advice of an elder who gave me input that I did not like or necessarily agree with.  I acted upon his advice in spite of my youthful arrogance only to discover years later it was absolutely correct.  It is humbling at first, but when we discover someone who is not willing to be politically correct and speak the difficult things into our lives, we will discover a world of wisdom that opens new doors for us.  And, if we remain teachable throughout our life, we will be a far better and wiser spouse, parent, friend, employee…


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