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If You Have Time…

 How many times have we been asked the question, “What time is it?”  How many times in the course of the day do you look at your watch, wall clock or cell phone to see what time it is?   We live by time; we work by time; we set meetings by time; we measure life by time.  We go to bed and wake up to a new day by the passing of time.  Every year we celebrate another birthday because twelve months of time have escaped us.  “Where did the time go?” we often hear.  “It’s about time,” is another often repeated expression.  Time is on our mind constantly when we find ourselves thinking, “I just don’t have enough time” or “I’m running out of time.”

 Our life on earth is governed by time, but eternity is not. We as human beings are governed by time, but God is not.  Actually, God and eternity may be partially defined by the lack of time consciousness.  Once in heaven for all eternity, who would possibly care about time?  Galatians 4:4 says that when the time had come God sent His Son.  God came from no time to experience time, to be limited to 33 years of time and then experience death.  God for the first time experienced getting older with the passing of time.  And then Matthew 24:36 says there is a time coming when Jesus will return.  We look forward to His coming, this God appointed time.

 What I find mind boggling is that God, our Father, has a plan in time for everyone of us…amazing.  This is our time and our season and what an exciting time it is.  We have been born for such a time as this.  It is our time to start a family, plant a church, work with  missions, start a business or lead a small group.  This moment you are experiencing right now reading this blog will never occur again.  It will be forever gone in time past.  You will never get this moment back.  Are you sure you want to use your valuable time reading this diatribe?  :)

 Did you ever do the right thing at the wrong time?  Or, the wrong thing at the right time?  Both can be disastrous.  God rules all time and has chosen to enter into time to work with you and me so that we can do the right thing at the right time.  A friend of mine often says that time is our friend.  That said, we do need to be conscious of the hour.  And do this, understanding the present time.  The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.  The night is nearly over, the day is almost here.”  (Romans 13: 11,12)   Time has past and our salvation is “nearer now than when we first believed.”  Let’s not stop being time conscious, but at the same time, let’s not allow time to rule us.  Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to be our time-keeper.


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