Being Human and Temptation (Part I)

We know the enemy of our soul is a liar, a manipulator and masterful at deception.  From the time he was cast upon the earth, he has attempted to cause us to miss the mark and disappoint our Lord.  Amazingly, he doesn’t seem to let up.  He waits for the perfect time, a time when you are physically exhausted, feeling down mentally or emotionally and/or exasperated with life.  He seems to know when you are most susceptible to his slithering alongside you to whisper a half-truth in your ear.   It might be in the middle of a time of fasting or prayerful concern over a loved one.  It could be that you are experiencing a physical disorder or family life disruption that feels bigger than life itself.  I can almost guarantee that it will be when you least expect it, with your guard down – a total surprise.

It’s a trap and he’s setting you up.  The bait is hanging out in front of you and you’re not thinking correctly, you’re unprepared.  Temptation is an appeal made upon a weakness within you.  That weakness may not even be clearly identified, but it is there or, at the very least, lying dormant.  The enemy wants to resurrect it and defeat you with something you were unprepared to face at the moment you had to face it.  It is a stealth attempt to tap into that weak area, not wanting you to recognize what is happening.  It is blindsiding you, coming from an unexpected direction or angle.  If you allow its pull, you’ll be sucked in before you know it.  It will go from temptation to sin quicker than lighting striking during an electric storm.  In part two, let’s take a closer look at overcoming the evil one’s temptation.


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