Encouragement, Prayer

Listening to God, What’s the Potential II

Did you know that the invention of the colored paper clip made far more money than the plain old metal one? It is the improvement on an existing invention that seems to have a larger impact. The bow has been around for many centuries. In more recent years, we have seen a huge improvement on the speed an arrow can travel through the use of the compound bow. Still even more recent was the invention of the solo-cam compound bow. The inventor, Matt McPherson, first started producing this bow in 1992. It was the only bow with a single-cam technology. Matt, of the Mathews Bow Company states, “I can truly say that I have seen the hand of God in everything that has happened in our business…somehow, God has given me the gift to see the finished product in my mind and avoid a lot of steps in between.”images

In listening to God, Matt states that he received a “heavenly download” for an invention. Once again, that invention was an improvement on something that already exists. These persons did not settle for, “It’s good enough as it is.” They saw a greater potential. Of course it comes with risk, but isn’t that true of the important things in life? I Kings four verses 29-34 describe the wisdom of Solomon as “measureless as the sand on the seashore.” It says that he was wiser than any other man and his fame spread to all surrounding nations. He spoke 3,000 Proverbs and wrote over 1,000 songs. He described plant life and taught about animals, birds, reptiles and fish. All the kings of the world knew of Solomon’s wisdom. Where did he receive that wisdom? Verse one states, “God gave Solomon wisdom and very great insight…” Are you believing for greater insight and understanding? Ask God, there just might be a heavenly download awaiting you.


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