Encouragement, Prayer

That Quiet, But Clear Inner Voice

images-2Nicky road dirt bike and so did I. One weekend I found myself with little to do and a very clear voice inside of me saying, “Call Nicky and ask him if he wants to go riding.” I hardly knew the kid; he was my mechanics son. I might have only ever exchanged a few brief paragraphs with him, but still that inner nudge was present. Why would he ride with me I questioned? I dismissed the thought as a bit far-fetched, maybe even ridiculous and went off riding in the beautiful Pennsylvania mountains by myself.

Monday morning came with some very disturbing news that I will never forget. Nicky was driving home late Sunday night after a date with his girlfriend. It was a cold and slippery fall night to drive back up the dark mountainside. Nicky was driving too fast for conditions, rolled his truck down the side of the mountain and was thrown from the vehicle. I know I missed an opportunity that God was attempting to give to me and I have regretted it ever since.

At Nicky’s funeral I asked God’s forgiveness… and, I apologized to Nicky.


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