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Making Valentine’s Day Last a Month

images-11While Valentine’s Day has its roots in ancient Roman festivals that were basically pagan, Pope Gelasius recast this festival as a Christian feast day around 496 and declared February 14th as St. Valentine’s Day. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia the priest, Valentine, actually attracted the disfavor of Claudius II around 270. Claudius II was prohibiting young men from marriage to make them into soldiers. According to legend, Valentine continued to perform marriage ceremonies secretly and was eventually apprehended by the Romans and put to death.

The Valentine Day card evolved in the 18th century in England with gift-giving and handmade cards, which eventually spread to the American colonies. But it wasn’t until the 1850’s when Esther Howland, from Worcester, Mass., began producing Valentine’s Day greeting cards. Today, 25% of all cards sent each year are valentines.

Below are some ideas to generate your expression of love this Valentine’s Day:images-10

  • Write Post It notes of thankfulness and encouragement and place them all over the house.
  • Send a card to your spouse’s workplace and surprise her/him with mail from you.
  • Buy him or her their favorite candy bar and place it somewhere special.
  • Kiss your valentine for no reason.
  • Take their hand while driving or walking together.
  • Do a surprise date; you plan the whole date from beginning to end.
  • Make her a special dinner.
  • Make his favorite meal or dessert.
  • Start buying small gifts and give them weekly throughout the month.
  • Slip a hand written love note on a business card onto their car door or under their windshied wiper.
  • Bring her or him coffee or tea in bed.
  • Take care of the children for a few hours so she or he can do something special.
  • Send a text message or call everyday around the same time telling her/him why you love them.
  • Bring home take-out, flowers and a movie and surprise her.
  • Buy him that tool or “toy” he has desired.
  • Create your own Valentine’s Day card.
  • Purchase a book on marriage and determine read it together.
  • In the near future attend a marriage seminar weekend together.
  • If you haven’t, begin a regiment of praying together, blessing one another in meaningful spiritual connection.
  • Grab the vacuum and vacuum the house for your family. She’ll love you for it!
  • Read a couples devotional that challenges your romance together.
  • Do extra special sensual things like rubbing her back, massaging his neck, taking a shower together, speaking truth-filled words of deep affection, affirmation and acceptance.
  • Look at old picture albums reflecting your young love.
  • Discuss “older love” and how maturation in your relationship is still attractive to you.
  • Share the ten things you love about one another.
  • Watch a love story movie and laugh together.

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