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Five Reasons Why Dating Your Spouse is NOT Recommended

  1. images-14Dating is for the single person only. You are now into the real life throes of long-term marriage and everyone knows it is to be serious. It’s a lot of hard work and everyone is aware of the fact that the romantic spark left years ago. So, stop trying to prove otherwise.
  2. Dating costs money and money is hard to come by. The last thing you want to do is invest in your relationship. There are far too many essentials that must come first in the list of financial priorities.
  3. Dating takes time and time is a commodity that should be given first to work, the children and upkeep of all the stuff you own.
  4. You already did the, “smell good and look attractive” thing. You “caught” one another so go back to the couch and take that much-needed break in your most worn and most comfortable outfit. Ladies, put your hair into curlers and men, stop shaving.images-12
  5. And lastly, dating means we have to talk and heaven knows talking leads to fighting and fighting leads to not talking and not talking leads to…well, more fighting. So, your best bet is to never, never, never date. It will only lead to a closer, more loving, more fun and a  deeper friendship.

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