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Marrying the Most Imperfect Person

images-10Did you know the marriage rate in the USA was 83% in the 1930’s and by the year 2012 was 49.7%? What’s going on? Singles are waiting longer to be married and others are trying it out by living together to see if they like it. There is a genuine fear of failure with the number of divorces families are experiencing today. We are told that the latest divorce statistic is one in four marriages. To put that into perspective, what if one in four planes taking off from every airport today also crashed? How many plane tickets would you be purchasing?

But, hey, you’ve got to realize there is no perfect marriage union, right? I hate to break it to you; not even mine. Marriage is imperfect because two imperfect persons entered into a marriage relationship. When two imperfect persons marry, lots of life struggles will need to be worked out. It is true of every couple that says, “I do.” If you are looking for the “perfect” person you, my friend, will never marry. Did you know that everyone wakes up in the morning with awful breath, their hair totally out-of-place, make-up missing or smeared, dry mouth and other things not to mention here? In time, you add weight, develop extra skin under your arms, gain a “turkey neck,” your hair turns gray or (imagine this) it falls completely off your head.

images-2Marry the most godly person you can find. Marry the one you are madly in love with, but realize just as you are imperfect, so are they. And then love them the rest of your life anyway.


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