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Ten Reasons Why I Love Marriage

images-15I love marriage, being married – my marriage. It is unthinkable to be writing that Mary and I are soon married for 41 years and more in love. It is amazing to be at this place, such a good place. I love “old love.” We’re not as fast as we used to be and neither are we as pain-free, but seriously, love that grows old with someone…there’s nothing like it. At this end of the spectrum, I have something to share about marriage and here are a few of those things:

  1. I love that marriage provides a best friend and companion.
  2. I love coming home, after a work trip, to my wife and our familiar surroundings.
  3. I love that marriage forces me to look out for another before myself and teaches me to serve.
  4. I love how marriage deals with my own personal selfishness.
  5. I love how marriage is helping to conform me into a better, more godly person.
  6. I love the agreement that we now find in almost everything.
  7. I love our differences because they complete me.
  8. I love mature love because it stretches me to go deeper with the one God gave to me.
  9. I love that we have faced numerous challenges and become closer through them, especially by praying together.
  10. I love being married to someone who daily chooses us. images-14

I love you, Mary, happy Valentine’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why I Love Marriage

  1. Jana Schmutz says:

    I love this Steve! Just forwarded it to each of my kids, as they are at the other side of the spectrum, and making decisions that we pray will lead to this kind of faithful love and marriage that you and Mary, and Mark and I are experiencing (30 years in for us)!

    Thanks for your faithful sharing in this blog! Blessings to you and Mary!

    Jana Schmutz

    Sent from my iPad



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