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God is a Conservative; No, Wait, He’s a Liberal

imagesAre you a conservative or a liberal? These two words are really polarizing these days in our world of political correctness, especially in a two-party voting system like we have in the USA. These two words have created two opposing sides. It has divided our nation and the daily news loves to point out the differences, further dividing us.images-3 I placed this question before the Lord one day: “Are You a conservative or a liberal?” The question wasn’t posed in the political sense, but more in a spiritual sense. What follows is the answer that I thought I received to the question.

God is a liberal. He is liberally, lavishly and literally pouring out His love on each and every life on the earth today. There is no end to this love because the Bible says that God is love. It’s who He is. He loves us liberally.

He is a conservative because He withholds His judgment on mankind. His mercy is everlasting because He would desire all to follow Him. He delays His judgment; He waits for all to come to repentance. He is the most conservative One I know when it comes to not giving us what we deserve in our disobedience.

Since this One dwells in us, let’s be conservative in our judgments, all the while, loving liberally to all those He brings into our path.


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