Marriage, Postmarital

Getting Married is Easy; It’s the Staying Married Part

images-6When we say, “I do” we are never quite sure of what’s ahead. Thinking back over the many couples I have counseled, I can only begin to tell you the various scenarios that those couples faced so unexpectedly. For example, I can recall the early passing of a life mate, failure of a business, the loss of a three-year-old child, affairs, depression and other mental illnesses, a life altering accident or illness, addictions, extreme financial mismanagement, inability to become pregnant, just to name a few. To so many of these couples it felt completely overwhelming and I am sad to say that not all of the couples survived the tragedies.images-20

For the majority who did endure I noticed something extraordinary, something life changing happened. As these couples battled through the disappointment, through the loss and through the unexpected surprises they became stronger in their marriage. They decided that the tough times were going to make them and not break them. They chose to get help, be honest, lay their cards on the table, expose their weaknesses and be altogether open and truthful. Change never occurred overnight, but change did occur. They submitted to counsel, read books, prayed together, completed homework assignments, gave each other extra grace, FORGAVE one another, grew in their faith and recommitted many times to a better future.

images-5Regardless of where you are in your marriage, there is help and there is hope. If God is who He says He is, then there is not a marriage scenario that He cannot work with. If He could forgive the woman brought to Him who had committed adultery and had obviously failed her marriage, He can forgive you and rebuild your relationship.


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