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You Have a Bible in the English Language; what are You Doing With It?

william-tyndale-featured-imageIt was the early 1500’s when an ordained minister was executed after imprisonment, being strangled and finally burned at the stake as a heretic. This “heretic” was a Protestant theologian and was the first to translate the Bible from the original languages into English. However, King Henry III and the English church authorities were hostile toward the project. William Tyndale finished only the New Testament and this Bible was printed in 1525.

Tyndale had to smuggle Bibles into England and his version became extremely popular. So much so, that when the church officials got ahold of them they would burn them. Church leaders burned the Bible…interesting. Tyndale had to work on translating the Old Testament in his jail cell and it is believed that he made it to the book of II Chronicles.images-11

Today whole denominations and church leaders are turning away from the truths of the scriptures and we think it’s something new. It’s not new; it is simply a repeat of some very dark times in history. Christians suffered for their beliefs. If you believe that God’s sacred act of marriage was given to us for one man and one woman, you will meet up with criticism and scows for your belief. If you believe there is a literal, eternal hell, you will get pushback. If you believe that a sexual relationship is for married persons only, you will be made fun of. And someday it will go beyond words, looks and laughter until we see a revival and more God-fearing leadership in the nations of the world.


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