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Here’s To Social Media Posts, Yours and Mine

images-2Facebook and social media in general have seemingly taken over our lives in some good and some not so good ways. What follows are a few ways in which I wish Facebook posts didn’t exist; posts I’d rather not read.

  • Pictures of what you are making or eating for dinner.
  • How boring your day was and how you feel at the moment.
  • Pictures of your family pet doing absolutely nothing.
  • Political articles or posts that are caustic, often falsely reported or of no literal value when it comes to making conscientious political decisions.
  • You or others working out at the gym.
  • Constant pictures of your new hairstyle, clothing or latest tattoo.
  • Off color jokes and the like.
  • Half dressed persons doing half-baked, questionable activities.
  • Reposting posts that you have not fact checked or checked the background on as to whether or not they are even true.  (Suggestion, check: first)
  • Your latest practical joke that is almost criminal.

Why? Remember who you reflect and who you represent.  If you do not police your own posts, the only “friends” and “followers” you’re ever going to have might be stalkers, psychologists, your employer or potential employer and/or the police. Most assuredly they won’t give you a “like.”images


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