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Engaging Culture Through Social Media

images-2If you’re like me, you really think about what you will post on social media and what you will not post. It is a good thought process/exercise because you are opening yourself up to the world and that world might include persons who you are not expecting to read what you write. It is a good practice to remember and think about the fact that our Lord is looking over our shoulder as we write. That means we must listen and pay attention to that still small voice. That also means we want to be careful about what we write that might offend, that might anger unnecessarily or that might hurt another. So here are some guidelines that I try to follow when posting:images


  1. I am not out to argue my point, but, rather, graciously state what is my observation.
  2. I desire to engage in culture, but not purposefully offend culture.
  3. I like to back up what is written as truth with God’s word or biblical principles.
  4. I long to step back, consider and bring the bigger picture.
  5. I long to ‘see’ prophetically so that it’s not just my opinion, but perhaps a Holy Spirit observation.
  6. I desire to expose darkness, so I should not be surprised when darkness responds.
  7. God did not send His Son to condemn the world and neither should the things I post.
  8. I try to keep in mind that not everyone agrees with me and I have to be open to rejection and challenge.
  9. I must keep in mind that I bear the image of Christ and not Steve. Never do I want to hurt my Lord’s cause.
  10. I must write with love as my goal and grace my means.

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