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You Owe a Price

images-4You are guilty as charged, sinful, lost and separated from your Creator.

You are impure as you stand before Purity. You are of this world.

Your destiny is darkness and your future bleak.

There is no wholeness or soundness found in your soul.

Your eyes see only pain, loss and hopelessness and your spirit groans for relief.

Any breath you take could be your last and any move you make could lead to your demise.

Your life is consumed with fear and insecurity.images

There are no words to describe the conditions from which you suffer and you feel only hopelessness. (See Psalm 102: 2-11)

You and I are all these things, BUT…enter redemption.

Job said that he knew his Redeemer lived, even while he suffered in such deplorable conditions never known to us.

A redeemer buys or pays off, clears, recovers, releases, ransoms, delivers and makes sacrifice offered for a lost condition. A redeemer releases from the curse. A redeemer redeems physical bodies. A redeemer forgives sins. A redeemer gives us eternal life.

images-2The blood of the Redeemer provides redemption for all eternity. What is the price we owe our Redeemer? We owe Him one hundred percent of our life.


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