Marriage, Postmarital

Does Security in a Marriage Lead to Sexuality?

imagesOur marriage either promotes security or insecurity. Most marriage partners are looking for security from their spouse because it’s a need we all pursue.   When security is present in a marriage relationship, you will also find honor, trust, love and respect. Where there is insecurity, most likely honor and trust are missing or at the least, threatened.

Security in our marriages gives birth to intimacy. And, true marital intimacy can lead to sexuality. Most marriages do not have a “sex problem,” they have an intimacy problem and that intimacy problem just might be a result of the lack of security (an absence of honor, love, trust and respect).

images-25When we honor and respect someone we view him or her as better than ourselves in order to serve them without expectation. Immaturity expects a return, i.e., “I do this; therefore, you do that.”   But when we choose to honor and respect someone because we are married to him or her and we love him or her, security will grow within our relationship. As security grows, intimacy grows and as intimacy grows so will a healthy sex life.


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