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Comfort Zones: We All Desire to Be Comfortable

images-2Comfort zones…we all have them. Perhaps yours is never flying on a plane or having a certain amount of money in savings. For each of us it is different because comfort is best described as what makes us feel the most secure. When discomfort is present, most likely insecurity is present. A situation that challenges our security will at the same time affect our physiological and emotional responses – our personal feelings of comfort.

Often at the core of discomfort is fear. We experience fear when our security is challenged. We dislike moving out of our comfort zones because we fear the process of change. Flying on a plane or depleting our savings account can in fact, based upon what we tell ourselves, lead us to being fear-filled.

imagesFunny thing is though, Jesus continually desires to stretch us, move us beyond our comfort zones. And if we’re immovable, we will resist His efforts in our life. What’s your comfort zone and how is your Heavenly Father attempting to move you beyond it? When you fully trust Him, you can move safely beyond your fears.


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