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I Was Not Disobedient To The Vision

Paul the apostle was speaking to King Agrippa, sharing his personal testimony and encounter with God (Acts 26). It was quite a story and quite an opportunity. After intently listening to Paul, King Agrippa asks him if he thought that in such a short time he, the king, would be persuaded to be a Christian? (Acts 26:28) Paul’s story must have made an impression, but that phrase Paul used, “I was not disobedient to the vision” stayed with me as I once again read this encounter.

I long to be able to say at the end of my life that I was not disobedient to any vision my heavenly Father had given to me. Perhaps I was slow at receiving it and comprehending it, but once understanding it to be from God, was ready to commit to those initial attempts. In order to hear a “Well done” in heaven, we need to have obeyed and said, “Yes, Lord” on earth. Vision is birthed in prayer someone recently said to me. Vision is not a human concocting. True vision will command a change and stretch our faith. God’s visions are bigger than us, creating a healthy dependence upon the vision Giver. Vision from God is normally not attainable through our flesh-filled efforts. It is not just a, “Let’s get to work” attitude, but rather it is more of an, “If I don’t do this I am in trouble.”

What vision are you walking in today? Are there visions in your life, dreams that cannot happen in your human effort and require a stretching of your faith? Can you say along with Paul, I was not/will not be disobedient to the vision?


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