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Three Very Wise Guys

Three wise men traveled quite a distance to see the Christ child.  There is a bit of debate about the distance they traveled, as well as the time it took to travel those miles.  Some Bible scholars say He was a toddler and some say He was still an infant when they arrived in Bethlehem.


But faithfully they traveled until reaching their destination.  These three faith-filled and expectant kings followed the star until reaching the birthplace of the Savior.  They arrived bearing gifts for the newborn King.  They came to give, not receive.


How often do we come to Jesus to receive rather than give to Him?  How often are we making a request or sharing a need versus bringing Him a gift of praise, thanksgiving, honor or just a reverent and silent listening spirit?


Christmas is a time of giving because God first gave to us, His Prince of heaven.  Thank you, Father, for giving us Your very best Christmas gift, Emanuel (God with us)!


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