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How Far Can You See?

When the city fathers of New York thought about the future growth of their city, they laid out the streets and numbered them from the center outward. In the beginning there were only six streets in their planning maps, so they decided to go crazy and project growth.


Reaching beyond their wildest dreams they drew streets on the map all the way out to 19thStreet!  They call it “Boundary Street” because they were positively sure that’s as far out as New York City would extend.  Wow, were they shortsighted!  At last count, the city had reached 271st Street.


I’ve been short-sighted many times.  My vision has been small compared to what God has designed for me and I am often reminded of that fact.  I once entertained the thought that my family of five would live in a small two-bedroom apartment for a long, long time.  Little did I realize God was planning a four-bedroom two story home on land given to us.  My Father’s vision was beyond mine and I had to run to catch up to it.


How about you; do you sell your vision short?  How far can you see?  How far do you desire to see and project?  God has vision for you and through you.  Dream with Him!


Where there is no vision, the people perish.  (Proverbs 29:18a)


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