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Bringing Your Marriage into Today

How many of us have had recurring marriage issues lasting over a period of years?


As soon as you discuss a bill that is overdue payment, you’re right back at the same old argument about finances. Or, your spouse gave you “the look” which to you means something negative and it immediately sends you back to many previous conversations or reactions.


If this is the case, you are choosing to live in history. You have not let go of yesterday and moved into today. Living in yesterday will keep us in bondage to yesterday. If we are unable to forgive and start anew, it will be like driving our car forward while constantly looking into the rear-view mirror. Eventually we’ll wreck the car.


We cannot move ahead in our marriage if we’re constantly looking back and bringing up the past. There simply is no freedom in living that way. Every one of us has a history, but we are not held captive by that history. We must take the time to discuss the issue thoroughly, find plausible solutions and then implement them. If there is a reoccurrence, grace is needed, while at the same time believing for continued heart change.


Make it your goal today to let go of what was, so that you can enter into what is, and then, what will be. When we can let go of the past, we’ll find much more freedom in our marriage for the present.


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